Make small spaces look big with these 7 tips

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Small spaces look big when you do these 7 things:

Storage space galore!

You can use storage boxes, baskets and containers to increase the amount of space in your cupboards. If you have open shelving, colour coordinate your boxes to create a cohesive, unified look. Also, don’t ignore the awkward space above your cabinet. Put items you don’t use often in baskets and boxes and stash them up there.

Only keep things you need

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Now this should be intuitive, but its amazing how much stuff we collect over time. Obviously, clutter equas less space. You’d think we bare that in mind while collecting mounts of stuff we don’t need. Make a habit of regularly clearing out your stuff.

Rent a storage space

It’s increasingly popular to store some of your things in rented storage boxes or spaces . Particularly in cities like London, where having extra space is a luxury to say the least. This strategy is useful for seasonal items – for example, store your winter coats in summer and store your hot pants in winter. Now there’s an idea.

Keep your kitchen and work surfaces clutter free as much as possible, it’ll make the small spaces look big. Store some of your appliances in cupboards and only keep out the ones you use regularly.

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Having said that, take advantage of the space you do have. Try hanging up pots and pans in your kitchen, or taking advantage of the space above your cupboards.

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Harmonise your furniture and accessories by decorating with white. light bounces of white walls, creating the illusion of space. Using white to decorate will always make your space look  and feel big and airy, a trick similar to using mirrors.

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Source: The Design Chaser

Finally, organise, organise, organise! We can’t say it enough. Most people think that organising your cupboards or closet spaces is a one time affair, but the reality is you have to do it regularly.

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Source: House Beautiful

Because you’re alive, you will collect stuff. That means a constant pruning of the things you gather into your house simply because you’re alive. You have to be brutal. Prioritise having space if it’s really that important to you.

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