What is Gas Safety Week?

What is Gas Safety Week??

Gas Safety Week is an annual safety week that aims to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances.

Twenty three million households in United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey use gas for heating, hot water and cooking, yet we take it for granted that our boilers, cookers and gas fires are safe. Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Did you know?
• Every year thousands of people across the UK are diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a highly poisonous gas. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it, but it can kill quickly with no warning.
• Gas Safe Register estimates that there are around 7,500 illegal gas fitters operating across the UK and up to 250,000 illegal gas jobs may be carried out each year (Gas Safe Register Research 2009).
• Although there is awareness that gas appliances need to be safety checked annually, 43% of Britons don’t do it, and 10% have gas appliances, which have never been checked (Gas Safety Week Research 2011).

If your boiler is due for an annual servicing call 020 7350 2511 and schedule to have one of our Gas Safe Registered engineers comes out today.

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